Latest product release - July 2011

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Latest product release - July 2011

The latest Science Warehouse product release has gone successfully into production. As with all releases, the latest enhancements are designed to further increase the power and simplicity of the Science Warehouse solution. This release sees a focus on the user interface redesign with a number of key enhancements.

The new recommendations engine can now alert users when items appear on their e-Catalogue that offer a more cost effective alternative to the product or service they were planning to buy. For example, the system will perform a search when users attempt to re-order an item from a saved basket and alert the user with a pop up box that a more cost effective item is now available. Users will have the opportunity to substitute these items or stay with their original selection.

User favourites and saved baskets have been made more 'intelligent'. For example, automatic favourites can now be created based on a user's five most frequently ordered items. The system will update these on an ongoing basis in order to track the user's changing spend patterns, meaning the user can spend more time purchasing and less time organising their favourite items.

Modifications have been made to the new catalogue file approval screen so that it now appears in a more user friendly format with a more logical process flow. Buyer administrators are able to take advantage of the new layout to simplify the new product and price update process, reducing the time spent on this task. Additional reports of the updated results have also been added.

Jon Moody, Product & Technology Director at Science Warehouse said, "This has been a packed release involving a considerable effort from the team to achieve the finished product. We think that users will quickly see the benefits that have been delivered."

For full details on the product release please contact Jon Moody on jon [dot] moody [at] sci-ware [dot] com


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