At Science Warehouse we’re passionate about catalogues but our customers tell us that not every purchase item can be distilled down into a SKU*. But that’s okay because we don't just deal with catalogues. Our real passion is for data – or more accurately, data relationships – and the more complex the better.

eConfigurator from Science Warehouse provides purchasers with an easily usable and efficient means of ordering complex configurable products such as custom DNA. This module integrates seamlessly with our e-ordering hub and transmits orders directly into the supplier’s order processing system for fast, error-free transactions.

Our solution allows customers to benefit from our famous compare functionality – after configuring their product requirement the system returns available offerings from suppliers so users can make a value for money purchasing decision.

Key benefits of the eConfigurator solution include:

  • An integrated solution for highly configurable items
  • Full product comparability
  • Seamless processing via your standard P2P process
  • Full procurement control and visibility of expenditure


eConfigurator in action: custom DNA ordering
Custom DNA sequences are an essential component of any life scientists' research toolkit and therefore are often a major spend item for research organisations. The Science Warehouse eOligos solution is a unique service designed in close cooperation with major research buyers to speed the purchase and compare pricing of custom DNA sequences from alternative sources. eOligos delivers all the benefits of the Science Warehouse eCatalogue – rapid selection, comparison and ordering from selected suppliers – for these highly configurable products.

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*Stock Keeping Unit or line item - the individual product that appears in a supplier's catalogue.

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