Science Warehouse uses the latest web technologies, great design and advanced data management to deliver e-procurement solutions that accelerate procure-to-pay success.

Our eInvoices module automates transmission, approval, reconciliation and audit of the invoice process. It provides organisations with the security of complete financial control whilst drastically reducing the resource required in accounts payable. When a supplier submits a sales invoice via our eInvoices solution the document is automatically checked against the corresponding approved purchase order. The invoice must match against all the criteria specified by the purchasing organisation before it is released to the accounts payable application.

Key benefits of the eInvoices solution include:

  • Automated transmission of invoices
  • Only accepts invoices against approved orders
  • Configurable order matching criteria
  • Complete audit trail from requisition to invoice
  • Full supplier enablement with universal coverage

For organisations already using the Science Warehouse eCatalogue solution the accurate data therein leads to error free purchase orders and invoices. Our customers that set a zero tolerance on order-invoice matching typically acheive impressive results:

  • Over 90% first time match of supplier invoices
  • The remaining 10% of invoices are never seen by the purchaser's account payables system until they are corrected by the supplier

This means that:

  • 100% of all invoices submitted to accounts payable fully match the corresponding purchase order

The biggest factor in the success of e-invoicing projects is the accuracy of the purchase order. This in turn is driven by the quality of the catalogue data. This data must match both the purchaser's contract terms and the product and pricing information in the supplier's systems. Without this data synchronisation the order and invoice won't match. So whilst we would love to sell you a standalone e-invoicing solution our advice is sort your data and your purchase orders then electronic invoicing will slot painlessly into your P2P environment.

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