In the hot seat - Jeremy Owen-Lee: ensuring e-procurement delivers the benefits

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In the hot seat - Jeremy Owen-Lee: ensuring e-procurement delivers the benefits

In the hot seat this time is Jeremy Owen-Lee, Business Development Manager at Science Warehouse.

1)    What is your current position?

I am responsible for business development in the private sector. Science Warehouse has been and is, incredibly successful in the public sector with great customer wins in Higher Education, NHS, Research Councils and others. It’s my challenge to emulate this success in the commercial world.

2)    Where did you study?

I was educated at Arnold High School in Nottingham and studied Psychology, Sociology and English at A’ Level. It has been my ambition to pursue an Open University degree in Psychology but meeting my business targets keeps getting in the way!

3)    What are you currently working on?

I am extremely busy devising my sales strategy for the commercial sector, looking at which verticals are most appropriate to our capabilities and which Systems (ERP) Providers would be good Science Warehouse partners.

4)    What do you like about working for Science Warehouse?

Science Warehouse is a great company. We actually deliver the benefits to our customers we say we will. Furthermore from my research at least, we lead the market in benefit delivery, which says our solution vision and our ability to execute is on the button. This is great to know whatever job you are doing but especially so in sales. The on-site table tennis is also a bonus!

5)    What are your weather predictions for Christmas – a winter wonderland?

Yes - without a doubt. It may not be the full blown white-out we had a couple of years ago, but I for one, am hoping for a white Christmas. If my forecast fails you are all welcome to come to my house and see just how much money my wife has spent on Christmas decorations this year! A winter wonderland inside & out for me.

6)    What do you like to do in your spare time?

Do I get any spare time - only joking! I like to paint, eat out, read a fair bit, and watch some TV. I also like walking and wandering the Yorkshire Pennines with the dogs as where I live is surrounded by green hills!

7)    What is your favourite car and why?

My favourite motor is the Rolls Royce Convertible. I like big cars and cars with soft tops. If only – we can carry on dreaming I guess.

8)    What is on your iPod at the moment?

What’s an iPod?! Do you mean my gramophone!

9)    iPhone or Blackberry?

My personal preference has to be the HTC Windows phone – a classic!

10)    What are your Holiday plans for the coming year?

We visit Beaumaris in Anglesey for a walking holiday each year. We take our 2 dogs and enjoy the coastal and country walks during the day and in the evening we partake in the excellent local fare and the odd pint or two. It’s a lovely place to visit and highly recommended by friends and family.


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